Alessandro Sarra

Alessandro Sarra

Entrepreneur & Software Engineer

Hi! My name is Alessandro Sarra.

I've been an Entrepreneur and Software Engineer since 1992.

My Mission: There is no more B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (business to Consumer): I personally belive in H2H (Human to Human), so my mission is to create Business Cloud Apps, "social by design", to easily share Apps and Contents with colleagues, co-workers or external consultants.

Founder and CEO:  I'm the founder of Sarra Systems Ltd based in London born from my experience in Sarra Systems Srl, an Italian company that for 32 years has worked in the field of software development of ERP, CRM, CMS, LMS, Travel and Tourism solutions and as a provider of Internet services from the beginning of the Internet era. We have also been an accredited Register for the registration of the Italian Domain Names since 1996.

What we provide is complete and integrated solutions for every type of busines. Since we have developed applications for more than 28 years, always integrating the latest technology, we realized that the true service that our customers buy from us is the added value of our offer: reliability, competence, seriousness and responsibility.

I'd be very happy to be your partner, and build something great together!

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