About Sarra Systems

The Company

Sarra Systems Ltd is a company founded by its founder, Alessandro Sarra, an entrepreneur and engineer with over 30 years of experience. Our mission is to reinvent the world of ERP, dividing them into Web Apps with a strong integration of artificial intelligence.

Our History

Our history begins with the experience of our founder, Alessandro Sarra, who has dedicated his life to innovation and the development of solutions for businesses. His vision was to create a system that could be easy to use and integrated with the specific needs of every business.

Alessandro Sarra is also the founder of Sarra Systems Srl, an Italian company that has been working in the field of software development for ERP, CRM, CMS, LMS, travel and tourism systems, and as a provider of internet services since the beginning of the internet era. Sarra Systems Srl is a certified registrar for the registration of Italian domain names, active since 1996.

Our Offer

We provide integrated Web and Mobile Apps for management. Our Web Apps are named with functional names that reflect their functions, such as Online Store (Ecommerce), Forms, CRM, CMS (webSite), Catalog Online, Subscription Management, Blog, Seo tools, Document Management and Sign, Email Marketing, Helpdesk, Events Management, Sales, Yachts Travel Agency Inventory Management, Manufacturing, MRP for production, MES for Industry 4.0, and online booking systems for Tour Operators.

The current landscape sees businesses equipped with a management system, but with many different subscriptions to various Apps that, besides being costly, are from different companies and are not integrated. With our Apps, often a customer has everything they need, optimising costs compared to expensive licenses.

Recently, we have divided our ERP into a suite of Web Apps, each focused on specific business needs. The goal is to create an experience similar to a marketplace, where users can access all the necessary functions to manage their business.

Our Pricing Model

Our pricing model is scalable and optimises costs compared to expensive licenses.

We offer a monthly subscription per user for each Web App, ensuring flexibility and access to all necessary functions for managing a business.


Our Technical Support

We offer excellent technical support to help our clients achieve their goals. Our team of experts is ready to provide assistance and support for any problem or question.

Our Presence

We are based in London, but we have a strong presence on the Italian market. Our development team is composed of professionals with experience in both countries, ensuring a customised solution for the specific needs of Italian businesses.

Our Headquarters

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    Sarra Systems Ltd
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    Sarra Systems Limited
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