How to Collect Electronic Signatures with Online Form Builder

How to Collect Electronic Signatures with Online Form Builder


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Need a signature on your form? You can easily add an Electronic Signature Field on your forms. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating, collecting and saving Online Forms with Electronic Signatures in our Web App Forms Builder.

When I speak of electronic signature always I get asked these questions:

Is Useful?

Including electronic signatures means that you can use Forms Builder to build all sorts of forms. You can include a signature field on vendor contracts, Terms of Service agreements, HR forms, or incident reports e many other cases.


Is legal?

For many cases, electronic signatures are equivalent to pen-and-paper but this depend from your country. Anyway we suggest to you to talk to an attorney. Electronic Signature not to be confused with Digital Signature.


Adding a Signature Field to an Online Form

To collect a electronic signature we develop a special "Form Field" called Signature. Simply add this field to your form and select the required Option so the user cannot submit the form without signing.


Try yourself how easy it is


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